Re: "despair"

Author: Alan Kay

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Re: "despair". An important process is to find ways to divert depression into "forms that have movement". Depression has the crippling property of removing hope and movement, so it's a downward spiral. I had lots of problems with this in my teens and 20s. One alternative is anger -- another is anxiety. The latter has some pointers in its favor, especially compared to depression. There is at least movement in anxiety!

A larger view can help even more. For example, the cathedral builders in the Middle Ages knew that they would be dead before the cathedral was finished, but for them the cathedral was the big goal, so they had to take their satisfaction in the process rather than in the result. This is a good one I think. With big human problems we need lots of people adding a few bricks into the cathedral over their lifetimes, and we eventually get one.

Even better, since Education -- like its larger process Civilization -- is a Process not a thing, there's not really an end-point, but making progress with the processes is really important.

A good proverb from music "Your reward for climbing the mountain is that you get to see the higher mountains".